• Kiran KB: IIIT, Delhi
  • Gaurav R Shenoy: Intel
  • Varsha V: Microsoft
  • Girish Bathala: Canon India
  • Namitha Nambiar: Aruba Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Nihal Sharma: IASc- INSA- NASI Summer Research Fellowship in 2016, IISc, Bangalore
  • Abhinav Goel (ECE, 7th semester) has joined Prof. Pramod Varshney’s research group at Syracuse University, New York, to pursue the final-year project between January – May, 2018.
  • Around 7 students from VI sem are doing Projects in Companies like Rebam Space Inc., Bangalore,Microsoft Research Lab India, Bosch,Adugodi,Bangalore, Adobe Systems Ltd, Bangalore,Code Intellect LLC , Seattle,WA.
  • Subham Garodia, 99.41 percentile in CAT 2015
  • Shivani Kulakarni N, 95.25 percentile in CAT 2015
  • Bhagyashree Puranik, Ganesh Ramachandra Kini Securing admit in to M.E Communication System and Networking, IISc Bangalore
  • 8th Sem student NIHAL SHARMA has got PhD admit at Univ. of Texas at Austin for the Fall – 2017.
  • Aaditya Ravindran (2012 – 16 Batch) is doing his Masters at Arizona State University.
  • Around 30 students from 2013–17 ECE Batch are going for higher studies in various Indian IITs and foreign universities like UT Austin, Univ. of Maryland,Georgia Tech, Purdue, Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Illinois, Boston Univ, ASU, Jonkoping Univ. Sweden etc.
  • Tech. Student Ms. Prya Darshni (2014 – 16 M. Tech DECS Batch) has been selected to work at Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL), NASA, to design antennas for the prestigious MARS sample collection mission, which is the first of the many tasks in the MARS 2020 mission of NASA. She is also being nominated for the ‘Rising Star of the US 2017’ awards.
  • Ankita Pai – VTU secured Gold Medal in M. Tech. in MECS.
  • Rahul B and Sahil Kamath of VII semester have started their own company at PES Campus.
  • Team consisting Pratik R. and Rahul Ganesh from V semester has been selected among Top Teams in India for the final off-line round of SRM Hackathon Chennai.
  • The official PES Indian Contemporary Dance team, SANSKRITHI have taken part in the college Freshers celebrations, CSR inauguration, took part in IIMB’s foreign exchange program function and also won the First Place in BMC’s cultural fest ‘COBALT SKIES’.
  • Nokia Innovation Day
  • Gender Diversity Program for 100 under Privilege School Children
  • GE Digital Iot Hackathon 2017 Runners Up
  • PESU team crack code at Bosch KitCat Hackathon
  • A paper by M.Tech student Roopa Narayan Naik and Dr. V Sambasiva Rao has been published in High Frequency electronics journal “ ‘JULY2017. The title of the paper is “Design and Development of an On-Board System in Satellite-Based Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)”
  • A paper by the former students of ECE (Chirag Ramesh and Desik Rengarajan) 1570363433 (Modeling Demand Flexibility of Electric Vehicles) submitted to the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm): Smart metering, Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing – S4 has been accepted and will be scheduled for presentation in the conference.
  • Samaahitha along with Tejas A(ECE) and Vidhu (CS) have published paper in IEEE TENSYMP 2017 held in July at Cochin based on the work done during their Microsoft Lab Internship.
  • Debpriyo Roy of VII semester presented paper entitled “Optical Biosenser Design and Structural Analysis to Detect Drugs of Abuse in Human Blood”at 4th International conference in Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (REDSET 2017) on 13-14 October2017 in Data science and analytics organized by School of Engineering, GDGU.
  • 6 students from VII semester (Navyata Gattu,Yashaswi Gurumurthy, Shrikanta Aradhya CS, Shiva Kumar Prabhu Rathnakara, Suraj Singh, Chaithra Krishnaraj) presented paper “IAC-17.A6.4.4 Drag enhancement for spacecraft using numerous ultra-thin wires arranged into drag wire webs of various configurations” in 68th InternationalAstronautical Congress held from 25th -29th September 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.




Saraswathy RM, Suma M, CH.V.Kartika DRDO, RADAR waveform generation using FPGA

Akshay Kumar C, Intel India, Bangalore, Design of Compensator for the LDOs

Raghuram B Hegde, Intel Mobile Communications, THREAD IP Stack Development

Zubin A Sunkad, IISc, Bangalore Speaker Biometrics


CH.V.Kartika, Kavyashree C K,Saraswathy RM ICSNCS-2016

Akshay Kumar C IET-2015, ICACCI-15, ICKCE-2015, ICCCT-2015, ICECCS 2015

Chandana S 6th conference IEEE, ICCPCT 2016


  1. Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath was invited to talk on introduction to probability models and applications to communication engineering at the National workshop on DSP with MATLAB at SCIENT Institute of Technology, Ibrahimpur, Telangana on 05-Oct-2017
  2. Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath was invited to talk on PHY layer problems in Cognitive Radios for 5G systems at Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune, Maharashtra on 09-Dec-2017.
  3. Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath was the session chair for Track 1, Session 9 (on Cognitive Radios) at PIMRC 2017, Montreal, Canada.
  4. Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath won the international travel support award from SERB (under young scientist scheme) to attend PIMRC 2017, Montreal, Canada

Dr. T. S. Chandar: Reviewer: ACDOS – 2106, NIT, Trichy, Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology, Elsevier, Ph. D. External Examiner, Univ. of Pune.

Nagamani A N: Design of Reversible Floating Point Adder for DSP Applications, Design of Register File using Reversible Logic, An exact approach for complete test set generation of Toffoli-Fredkin and Peres based Reversible circuits

Jayashree H V: Ancilla-input and garbageoutput optim-ized design of a reversible quantum integer multiplier

Raghavendra G. Kulkarni, Distinguished Professor (ECE) has published a Paper titled “Tailor the quartic roots” in the journal, The Pentagon (USA) in the forthcoming issue.

Raghavendra G. Kulkarni was Reviewer for PRIMUS (Taylor & Francis, UK).

B.Niranjana Krupa has reviewed- Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

HV Jayashree, Dr. Raghavendra Kulkarni, Ms. Karpagavalli, Prof. M. Anuradha and Dr. Koshy George were awarded Publication Incentive and received the cash awards on July 21, 2017

M. Anuradha, Ms. Nagamani A.N. and Ms. H.V. Jayashree have submitted Ph.D. Thesis.

Somesh Nandi of 2014 – 16 batch has secured VTU 2nd Rank in M. Tech. Intelligent Systems.

Dr T. S. Chandar: Design of UDE based robust tracking controller for knee-joint orthosis. 12th IEEE Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS – 2018), University of Peradeniya, Dec 2017, Sri Lanka
Prof. Ashwini: Lead Source Separation for Indian Instrumental Audio TENCON-2017,Penang,Malaysia

Prof. Ashwini: An optimized reversible signed comparator. CCUBE-2017,RNSIT Bangalore

Prof.M.S.Sunita Magnetic Ram Based Filter Design for Low power Signal Processing In IOT Applications INDICON-2017,IIT ROORKEE

Prof.Rajeshwari Reconfigurable Dynamic Scheduling in Superscalar Processor for FIR Filter INDICON-2017,IIT ROORKEE

Prof.Rajeshwari MIMO Receiver and Decoder using Vector Processor TENCON-2017,Penang,Malaysia
Prof.Purushotham.U Implementation of Spectral Subtraction Using Subband Filtering in DSP C6748 Processor Enhancing Speech Signal LAMDA-2017 NIT GOA

Prof. Jayashree H V Design Approaches for Resource and Performance Optimization of Reversible BCD Addition and Unified BCD Addition/Subtraction Circuits Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers

Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath and Prof.Narendra.K.C Performance Comparison of Multitaper Techniques for Speaker Verification with Expressive Speech International Journal of Speech Technology, Nov. 2017

Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath Energy Efficiency Optimization for Superior Selective Reporting-based Spectrum Sensing. IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Montreal, Canada, Oct. 2017.

Dr.Sanjeev Gurugopinath Maximum Eigenvalue-based Spectrum Sensing over α-κ-μ and α-η-μ Fading Channels International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), Montreal, Canada, Oct. 2017.

Prof.Nagamani A N DFT methodologies for testing k-CNOT, Fredkin and Peres based Reversible Circuits RAIT, IIT Dhanbad(ISM), Dhanbad

  1. Five Day Course On Cadence TOOL Flow at Entuple Technologies Pvt.Ltd was attended by
    • Prof. Nagamani A N
    • Prof. Jayashree.H.V
    • Prof. Annapurna.K.Y
    • Prof. Sumantha Sakara
    • Prof. Rashmi.M
    • Prof. Priyanka Agarwal


  2. FDP On “Advanced Control System Design for Power and Energy Applications” held at MIT Manipal Was attended by Prof. Melisa.M and Prof. Rajani.M