The high quality curriculum is integrated with project based learning and this attempt has resulted in high levels of problem solving skills in students. The passionate involvement of experienced faculty has helped students to explore newer domains. In addition to regular foundation of core and elective courses, a distinctive feature of the programs in the department is the option to choose special topic courses all through the semesters. Students have the benefit of working with the best of the faculty as well as industry experts.

Researchers and professionals from leading technology companies offer specialized courses which involve developing prototypes


S   P   I   R   I   T


The vibrant academic culture, industry interface and collaborating with research organizations help students to choose an area that interests them most. Many of the students opt for pursuing higher studies in top global universities, leading management or technology institutes. Internships at leading corporates and research institutions and working towards building a start-up is chosen by a few. Building a career with leading Indian companies, MNCs and civil services is the choice of many of the students.


To constantly improve the learning outcomes the University has put in place:

  • Campus Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP)
  • Gifted Student Development Program (GSDP)
  • Total Student Development Program (TSDP).

These programs are actively monitored by the management.


Participation in diverse activities on campus and other competitions play a key role in shaping the identity of the students. Among the student community one can find keen awareness of leading tech events and the wide range of opportunities available. Participation in summer programs, internships, boot-camps on current technologies and such activities give a clearer view of applications of their field of study.


Students carry out projects in all the semesters in diverse fields such as automotive electronics, healthcare, chip design, and aerospace. They develop a thorough knowledge and skills in hardware design and the associated embedded software, which enhances system level thinking. Students get an opportunity to work on industry sponsored research projects. Getting into research at an early stage helps students to develop passion for research and opens up new career options.


The labs on the campus are equipped with the latest equipment and guidance is provided by experienced and qualified staff. Experts and visiting faculty are consulted to constantly upgrade the research facility. Industry and government sponsor some of the advanced research projects. The University works with the industry, academic institutions and trade bodies to set up technology focused labs. Presently the campus has: Microsoft Mobile Innovation Lab, Intel Embedded Lab, Mobile Health Lab, RFID Facility, Mentor Graphics Lab, High Performance Computing Lab, Indvent Labs

Computing and Connectivity
The campus is fully equipped to provide high speed connectivity with WiFi access. Well equipped computer centers meet the needs of the students. High-end, sophisticated computing facilities are available for carrying out complex projects and research.

Info resources
The library houses a rich collection of books, journals, and databases. Faculty members upload all their lecture and research notes on the PES Intranet


The department has a rich composition of faculty from premier institutes such and IITs, IISc and top universities from abroad, of which many bring rich industry experience. Teachers have created an active research ambience, with variety of deep learning experiences for students.